Meat Grinder Sausage Maker Facts

meat grinder sausage maker

If you have a family with kids that loves to eat sausages, it is a good idea to have a meat grinder at home. Many individuals grind meat in their food processors while there are also many who buy ground beef. But nothing beats a dedicated meat grinder when it comes to safety, flavor, and texture. Having a meat grinder sausage maker at home puts you in control and gives you the confidence that the meat you are using is free from contamination.

Manual meat grinder is better when batch quantity is small

If the quantity of meat for making sausage is less than a pound, it is easier to chop and ground it using a knife and a chopping board. But anything more than a pound necessitates having a meat grinder whether it is hand operated or electric operated. Opt for a hand operated meat grinder only if you think you are physically fit. It can be pretty tiring for even a young man or woman to operate the manual grinder for a few minutes. Why waste your energy to save electricity when the job can be done quickly and efficiently with the help of electric operated meat grinders?meat grinder sausage maker

Electric meat grinders are modern, stylish, and more convenient

Had you been born a century earlier, hand operated meat grinder is what you must have used to prepare sausage at home. These machines that look like manual juice makers and employ a crank that is hand operated are still used widely across the country. They are a good option if the batch size is always less than 2-3 pounds. Good thing with these simple machines is that your ground beef is ready in a few minutes through manual labor and you are not dependent upon electricity source. You can easily find one such meat grinder at a flea market and even in online shops. It requires very little maintenance and lasts for a very long time. These manual meat grinders come with different grinding plates to have coarse or fine ground beef.

Buy a grinder that you can operate comfortably

An electric meat grinder is a good option for you if you want a machine that is quick and efficient and obliterates the need of manual labor. There are all sorts of electric meat grinders available in the market. They come in different shapes and sizes. The prices of these grinders are dependent upon their capacity and the speed at which they grind beef. Speed matters even for home enthusiasts but not as much as for the owners of restaurants and commercial kitchens. You can buy an electric meat grinder that is not too big and unwieldy and one that is also efficient for anything between $100 and $250.

When buying an electric meat grinder, make sure that its working parts are made of metal and not plastic. You can opt for a grinder with a body made of plastic but the auger and the grinder should be made of stainless steel.


A meat grinder is more of a necessity than a luxury if you make sausage at home. You feel more in control by grinding beef as you can keep away contamination and also choose the texture you want in your sausage. Keep in mind how much meat you need to grind when buying a meat grinder sausage maker. Always go a handy model as you can always upgrade to a bigger and more expensive model later on. Also, avoid meat grinder with plastic parts inside and buy one with metal grinder and auger. You should read the reviews of meat grinders on Amazon before buying one for your home.

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