You Can Now Easily Make Out Where To Buy A Meat Grinder

where to buy a meat grinder

Are you planning to buy a meat grinder, but not sure where to start with and what things to look for? The selection process of a meat grinder could be easy or difficult depending upon how much information you have.

Meat grinder will be a great addition to your kitchen because it can simplify your cooking job, but the question that arises now is that, where to buy a meat grinder? Since meat grinders are available in different price range, so you need to outline your requirements before buying one.

If you are looking to have a control over your food, then a meat grinder is a must. In spite, having your meat processed at meat processing centres, it will be better to process your own food at home using a meat grinder. But, before you go into the details of that process, you should know what things to keep in mind before buying a meat grinder.

where to buy a meat grinder

where to buy a meat grinder

Size of the Grinder

You need to start-off with determining the size of the meat grinder. In order to find the right sized meat grinder, you need to pay attention to ‘#’. When you see this, you will be able to find out the size of the meat grinder. The right size will be determined by measuring grinder plates.

If you opt for a smaller meat grinder, then you will get a smaller feeding tube, whereas in a larger grinder, the feeding tube is also going to be large. There will be a staggering difference in the power as well.

You need to ask yourself that, ‘why do you want to get a meat grinder for’? If your motive is to grind meatballs or burgers for your family members on a weekend basis, then you will require a smaller meat grinder. On the contrary, if you want to organize parties every weekend, and make big batches of sausages, then you need a bigger meat grinder.

Here are some questions that will help you find the right meat grinder?

How Often Are You Going To Use Your Meat Grinder?

Are you planning to use your meat grinder quite frequently or just once or twice a month? For monthly usage, a small meat grinder would serve the purpose, plus it will be inexpensive. To elaborate more on this, you can opt for a manual grinder with all the necessary attachments.

What Would Be Your Meat Grinding Quantity?

If you want to grind large batches of meat, then you will require a larger grinder. It will be equipped with a large feeding tube, which will allow the meat to be ground as small as possible in order to accommodate more meat at a single time. The power generation in a large meat grinder will also be higher, thus allowing you to grind meat at a faster rate.

What Will You Grind?

You have to take this question very seriously while buying a meat grinder because if you are looking to grind boneless meat, then you won’t require a meat grinder with higher power specs, but if you are looking to grind bones as well, then there has to be certain power requirements in the grinder to easily grind chicken bones, etc. You can drop an entire chicken leg in the grinder without worrying about damages.

It is easier to grind chicken, pork and beef than game meats like wild boar, elk and venison. These meats require a meat grinder with much higher power capacity, but you must also remember that the price will also surge.

What’s Your Budget?

Price is an important aspect to consider, and you can’t ignore this aspect while buying a meat grinder. If you have a decent budget, then you can probably buy any meat grinder that you like. For those running on a tight budget, they have to outline their requirements before getting out into the market. You must remember that meat grinders are available at different prices.

You have to take your meat grinder as an investment and not as an expensive commodity because you will be processing your own game meat or making dog food on a regular basis. In the longer run, you are going to save loads and loads of money.


Stainless Steel

The price of a stainless steel grinder is exactly same as that of aluminium. But, the highlighting feature of stainless steel grinders is that they are extremely elegant. If you want to grind meat on a regular basis and that too gaming meat, then a steel grinder would be a perfect machine for you, as they are heavy-duty and rugged. All the internal gears in a stainless steel grinder are made up of metal. You will also get stainless steel accessories with stainless steel grinders, which are dishwasher safe.

Parts Of A Meat Grinder:

  1. Meat Tray: This is also known as hopper, and this is where you will hold strips of meat or cubes before adding it into the feeding tube for grinding.
  2. Feeding Tube: This is the place where the meat will grind. How bigger the diameter of a feeding tube will depend upon the size of the meat grinder.
  3. Plunger: It will push the meat into the feeding tube so that the auger can grab it.
  4. Auger: It is a spiral shaped accessory, which is going to grab the meat and pushes it into the cutting blade.
  5. Cutting Blade: It cuts the meat into extremely fine pieces.
  6. Grinder Plates: The size of the ground meat is going to be determined by these plates only.
    How to use a meat grinder

    Parts of a meat grinder

Final Verdict

The question of ‘where to buy a meat grinder’ can now be answered in a perfect way because you have attained all the information regarding meat grinder, its parts and accessories. If you are confused between two different sizes, then I would recommend that you should go for the one with the larger size.

Finally, it is your requirement that will decide as to which meat grinder you should opt for. It is better to have a bigger sized meat grinder as it will be a great help when there are more guests in the house. If you still have any confusion, then leave your comment in the comment box and I will help you out.

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