Chef’s Choice 7965001 Premium Metal Food Grinder

Chef’s Choice 7965001 Premium Metal Food Grinder

The days are over, when you had to go to the meat shop to get minced meat. With the advancement of technology, you can now have ground meat in your home. The kitchen aid mixers are very popular these days and the upside to them is that you can easily find several attachments that can go with them. You can find many great meat grinders on the market, and Chef's Choice 7965001 is one of the best out there.

Main Features

The grinder attachment is made up of stainless steel and is very durable. The meat grinder attachment has a lot of features which you will find written below:

  • The attachment is one of the best meat grinding parts in the market and it is also very durable. All the parts of this are made from stainless steel and this makes the product highly durable. The Chef's Choice 7965001 comes with two grinder plates which can be used for multiple purposes. So, whatever your grinding need may be; the Chef's Choice 7965001 is the answer to them.
  • When it comes to meat mincing, you need a machine that allows you to take in extra meat and with the help of a big food hopper and food pusher; you can easily have a large quantity of minced meat in no time. With good quality blades; there will be no wastage.
  • This attachment will also help you to save a lot of time that is spent on cleaning the machines. As compared to other such machines; this stainless steel machine is very easy to clean. The machine is dishwasher friendly. So, you just need to detach the machine and put it in a dishwasher and save a lot of time.
  • All the blades and shafts used in this product can be purchased separately and this means that you can use this product even if you lose a blade or a part of this machine. The machines also save a lot of electricity. The product provides you excellent services and allows you to save electricity at the same moment.


  • The stainless steel body of this attachment makes it highly durable. This attachment will last for a long period of time and can be sued for both residential and commercial purposes.
  • The attachment is available for a moderate price and provide best results to the users.
  • Very easy to detach and clean. This makes the work a lot easier.


  • The shaft of the attachment is not centered, which can result in a bad outcome of the meat.
  • Any misalignment of all components can cause meat to turn black
  • The attachment comes with a small meat pusher as compared to other models
  • The grinder’s head jams sometimes because the cutter and disc do not match well.


In the market, you will find many attachments for the food processing machines. Most parts of food mincing machines are made of plastic and are not durable. With a product such as Chef's Choice 7965001 by your side; you will get the surety that you will not have to purchase a replacement soon. The stainless steel teeth and blades of the attachment make it long lasting. The attachment also has a one year warranty and this means that you can easily replace the damaged product in the span of 12 months from purchasing. The attachment is the answer to all your grinding needs. The attachment will help you to save time and money and this is the main reason that this product is one of the best attachments in the market.

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