STX International STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder

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Let’s face it, everybody gets pissed off if substandard electrical equipments are used in the kitchen. The meat grinders have become a necessity today, which provide you with a variety of meat dishes and also take care of the hygiene factor which the raw meat pieces purchased from the market lacks. This STX International meat grinder is sheer class with lots of amazing features for the users to avail.

Comparatively, it is a complete system which provides you with all basic and the main advance features as well. The other good thing is the price of the product which is very much affordable. This 3000 watt power machine is highly recommended for all types of domestic meat grinding purposes.

Main Features

The grinder machine is equipped with a sturdy motor giving 3000 watts of peak output power. The circuit breaker is there for the safety purposes considering the electrical nature of the product. The machine can work in 3 speeds, including high, low and the reverse function which eliminates the machine from clogging while operating. It offers an output diameter of2-1/2 inch with a 2 inch diameter of the feed tube. The package includes 3 x steel grinding plates, 3 x cutting blades, 3 piece sausage kit and Kubbe attachment. The 3 grinding plates offer meat in fine, medium-fine and in coarse form. It is offered with an exclusive warranty of 1 year, including fixed or replace type.


  • The machines come with a 3000 watt motor giving 3/ 4 Horsepower which will chop mince like butter. It has been designed in a way that you would be able to mince the meat easily, no matter how strong the tendons and fibers are. The grinder would not take too long or get stuck mincing the meat as it has the guts to do it, to its full potential.
  • The majority of the parts of the grinder machine is made of polished aluminum which endorses sturdiness of the product as it would not corrode or get damaged due to moisture. The smooth surface of the grinder also makes the machine easy to clean and maintain and makes it hygienically fit to be used.
  • It is equipped with the much needed reverse function which will not let the system jam. If there is any such issue then reverse function can be activated to free the internal mechanism from the stuck meat pieces.
  • The sausage kit is also there to make sausages right out of the machine. So, you will get a double action machine that would serve you to mince as well as prepare sausages for your treats.
  • The texture of the processed meat, though the system is very much similar to what you get from the professional machines available in the supermarket.
  • According to some statistics, in the last 7 years about 80,000 meat grinders have been sold from the manufacturer which genuinely speaks about the quality of the equipment. In this way, you can choose this meat grinder for you, which is backed by the years of trustworthy services and customer satisfaction.


  • The machine can be used for boneless meat only. Using it with bones can be risky and its internal mechanism could malfunction. So, you will have to be very careful to manage and remove all bones carefully or else you may get yourself into trouble.
  • There are some users who find some weird smell coming out of its parts which is more like some industrial oil sell and that can be problematic with food.
  • With some heavy and weirdly out of shape meat pieces, the machine does clog and the reverse function doesn’t work as expected. Though, the manufacturer claims that the grinder has the ability to grind strong meat fibers, still there may be chances where the meat pieces would not go smoothly. In such cases, you may have to get help by the reverse action which is not a strong side of this machine.

What Amazon customers say about it?

The machine has nearly 1200 reviews and it is the best seller of the manufacturer and rated right among the best ones available in the market. More than 90 percent people have all the positive things to say about its powerful motor, outclass design features and a reasonably low price. There are just a handful of people who have complaints about its inability to take the bones, and at times with jamming of the machine. But, it is a show stopper and recommended for people in their domestic use.


The product is rated among the top ones when it comes to quality, class and perfection. The locked motor wattage of 3000 watts sounds amazing with circuit breaker safety feature as well. You can use the machine at a high, low and reverse motion according to your needs. 1 year replacement or fix warranty is also there for giving customers their peace of mind. The machine is not suitable for meat with bones, but at this astonishing price, you surely cannot get a better deal.