All You Need To Know Before Buying The Best Meat Grinder For Venison

best meat grinder for venison

If you are looking for the best way of living a healthy lifestyle while cutting down on food costs, there is nothing better than having efficient tools such as meat grinder in your kitchen. Having the best meat grinder for venison is the best way of eliminating nasty additives and chemicals from your diet. Grinding your own meat has some advantages such as the ability to control the thickness of the grind according to your personal taste as well as eliminate harmful products from your food. It if gives control of what you eat and allow you to avoid harmful preservatives.

best meat grinder for venison

LEM Products W777 #5 LEM Stainless Steel .25 HP Big Bite Grinder

Factors to consider when buying best meat grinder for venison

Having high-quality grinders make your life easier, but wide varieties of grinders are now available in the market with each having different features and capabilities. If you are not keen, you may end up buying an expensive grinder that does not include all the features you need. Here are some of the considerations that you need to make before purchasing a grinder:

The amount of meat you need to grind

An industrial grinder is not the best choice for grinding meat for a couple of people at a time. Having a smaller grinder that is easy to clean is more practical than having a large electric grinder. Although some people would not mind using their muscle to grind meat, most casual users need a small but effective electric grinder. If you are going to be grinding meal occasionally, consider buying an effective and high-quality grinder such as LEM Products W777 #5 LEM Stainless Steel .25 HP Big Bite Grinder.

Stand Mixer

If you are not planning to grind a large amount of meat at once, consider buying a grinder with a stand mixer. In the case that you already have a stand mixer, you can get an attachment to make it a complete attachment. If you are a casual user, you can get attachment instead of paying a fortune to get a whole grinding unit as it gives you all the functionalities for more affordable prices.

Your Budget:

Various models of grinders are available in the market, and you have a lot of them that fit your budget. You can get a discounted model that has more important features. Although it is your choice, it is good to plan before you start searching for the best model. There are tons of models in the market, and it can be tempting to go over your budget when you see all the cool things in some higher end models. Avoid buying products with extra features that you will need at all.

Types of Meat Grinders in the market

There are three types of meat grinders with each of them having its own pros and cons. Printers are classified into manual Grinder, standalone grinder, and meat grinder attachment. Let discuss the difference between the three types of grinders:

Manual Grinder:

Manual grinders are good for people who looking for the best meat grinder for home use. Manual grinder involves the use of elbow grease into your grinding and depends on strength to grind up the meat. It may not the best for people who are not willing to put the required effort into the grinding process. The manual grinder is perfect for areas where there not reliable source of electricity and most people in remote areas use this type of meat grinder.

Standalone grinders

Standalone grinders use electric power to large quantities of meat. This is where best meat grinders for venison sit. Although they are a bit more expensive as compared to manual grinders, they feature stronger engines to grind meat and make the whole grinding process effortless.

Meat Grinder Attachment:

Stand mixers are the type of mixers that allow adding attachments to them. If you are looking for a versatile unit that can do more than just meat grinding, then stand mixer can be the best option. It is a perfect unit for the amateur chef and gives an opportunity to grind meat but you can also use your mixer for a variety of cooking tasks. Obtaining a new electric motor can be expensive, but if you already have an engine, you can only buy some attachments to attach into your grinder. A good attachment can work almost as a standalone unit but with a lower price. Moreover, stand mixer gives more flexibility as you can use different blades or grinds into the grinder.

Best Grinder Review

Many brands and models of grinders are available in the market currently, and it can be hard to figure out where to start with when looking for the best meat grinder for venison. To ease the task of searching, we study various grinders in the market currently and review the best one. After a thorough research, we learn about one of the most selling grinders available in the market currently, LEM Products W777 #5 LEM Stainless Steel .25 HP Big Bite Grinder. The grinder is popular due to its features and prices. The Big Bite Grinder includes the following features:

– It is an electric meat grinder that features an induction motor with a start and runs capacitors. The motor is permanently lubricated and runs at 110V and 180 watts.

– It features a compact size of 9.25 x 16.5-inch and weighs as low as 32 pounds, which make it very portable.

– It adopt the Big Bite technology with all metal gear having roller bearing and hole in the head when pan is inserted

– The grinder features a stainless steel motor casing, heavy duty handle for portability and steelhead, meat pan as well as auger.

– It comes with a single meat stopper, one stainless steel knife, one stainless steel stuffing plate, stainless steel plate and 3 stuffing tubes.

– It comes with a two-year warranty.

Customer Review

A number of users have reviewed this product in Amazon with most of them expressing their satisfaction with the product. The grinder is perfect for making various types of sausages, bratwurst, among others favorites. The grinder is pretty easy to clean and dry. Most users have reported that the grinder is easy to user and does not consume a lot of time. The grinder is highly recommended for both home use and small businesses.

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