Manual Meat Grinder – Should You Buy It?

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Meat grinder has helped people a lot in their domestic kitchens. They can use it for grinding/mincing meat in different textures. Some of the modern models also allow preparing sausages straight from the machine. The meat grinder can be electric or manual.

Despite, the technological advancement, the manual or the hand meat grinders are still preferred over the electric type for a number of reasons. It could be the personal preference too, but the fact is that the manual ones are still existing and preferred over the other type for their better applicability and usability in the domestic kitchen setting.

Main Contents
1. Electric vs manual meat grinder
2. Pros and cons of a manual meat grinder
3. When you should buy a manual/electric meat grinder?
4. Top 2 best manual meat grinders

The Electric vs the Manual Meat Grinders

There are a lot of similarities and a lot of differences as well between an electric and a manual meat grinder. The end product is almost the same, but the method of processing differs. The following are some of the crucial points which will elaborate about the difference between a manual and an electric grinder:

manual meat grinder

Price – Price is the first thing which favors the purchase of an manual type. These ones are very low in price and you can purchase one for a minimum of $20 to $30 even.

Quality – The quality of the electric or the manual meat grinder depends on the manufacturer. The best of the manual ones comes with sturdy stainless steel material and the electric ones can have a mixture of steel components and plastic as well.

Maintenance – The electric ones involve electric circuitry so you really need to be careful when washing. Only the removable parts can be washed. On the other side, the manual ones have no electric circuitry and you can wash them completely by disassembling them.

Performance – Performance is the only thing so far where the electric type scores more points over the manual. You can use the former type easily for long meat grinding jobs. On the other side, the manual ones with their rigid structure are not too useful for really heavy meat grinding tasks.

Size – The manual types are found to be relatively smaller in size. On the other hand, the electric ones are generally bulkier and occupy much more space in your kitchen setting.

Versatility – The electric types are known to be much more versatile. They come with different types of attachments and can do the task of grinding meat in much versatile manner. The manual type is rigid with not much of fancy options to avail. The versatility in the electric type can also be seen in their different modes of operation. These modern types can be used for mincing, grinding meat and also for the purpose of making pasta. The manual ones also come with such versatility, but they are not as effective as the electric ones.

Features – The electric type dominates the manual type with the number of features. It has a number of features such as the reverse operation, sausage stuffing and several others. The manual type is not much feature-enriched.

Pros of a manual meat grinder

You will probably be surprised to find the number of benefits that a manual meat grinder holds in terms of its productivity to the user and also in comparison with electric type grinder. The following are the top benefits of using a manual meat grinder:

hand meat grinder+ Space saving – A manual meat grinder is a space saving system. Even, the largest one will be smaller than the other types of grinders. So you will have great advantages by installing them with ease in your kitchen, even if you have congested countertop or tabletop space.

+ No electrical bills – You will have a big benefit of no ongoing or power consumption cost. As, it is a manual system, so there wouldn’t be any power bills to worry about at the end of the month.

+ Maintenance Free – The hand grinders are found to be very low in maintenance. You really don’t need to do much about maintaining them in order to last long. Cleaning is super easy and hassle free with no worry of damaging the electrical circuitry, which the electrical types have. You will find these compact systems easier to assemble and disassemble for washing purposes.

+ Cost efficient – These are the most inexpensive systems for meat grinding purposes that you can ever find in the market. The prices start from as less as $20 and don’t go much beyond $50.

+ Durable – Durability is the prime feature of such types. They are made from sturdy steel material with no loose or fragile plastic components at all. If you are good in choosing a top product from a top brand, then a hand meat grinder can last for decades even.

+ Suitability – They are found to be more suitable for small meat grinding tasks. You will love to have such a system if you need it occasionally or at least not on daily basis.

+ Ergonomics – The top quality products of such types comes with ergonomic design. The manual types can be easily used if they have an ergonomic crank handle which will make the job easier. Having such a handle will set you up for some long meat grinding tasks.


Apart from the pros, the hand grinders also have some cons as well, that are mentioned below for you to consider:

– Not for large Grinding tasks – The electric meat grinders are not known to use for the large grinding tasks. It is because of their manual operations which require some notable effort from the user.

– Difficulty in usage – Such type of machine is difficult to use, particularly with the large or tough cuts of meat. There isn’t any reverse operation to get rid of any jamming caused through the weird cut of meat.

When you should buy a hand meat grinder?

hand meat grinder or electricIf you are looking for your first grinder , then the first thing you must do is to analyze your needs. If you think that you would need the grinder occasionally, then the manual meat grinder is the best choice. Further, for the limited domestic needs, it is again a unanimous option. You wouldn’t need to worry about the electric bills as they work manually.

There are some women who might feel difficulty in using such manual grinders but if you choose well for the best branded product, then its ergonomic design would gel up well according to your needs. Another crucial point to consider here, is of the space required for installing the grinder. The hand grinders are found to be very compact in size and they occupy far less space in the kitchen. So, if you have congested space in your kitchen, then again the manual grinder will serve you with the best needs.

The quality of the hand grinder is such that it can last for decades if it is from a top brand. There is no point of using an electric grinder, especially when you have limited needs. They require a lot of maintenance and difficulty in cleaning. They would deteriorate in quality and performance over time, even if you are not using them too much. SO, this leaves us with no better choice other than to use a hand or a manual meat grinder.

And, when you should buy an electric meat grinder instead of manual one?

An electric meat grinder has its own specific set of benefits and uses. The thing that an electric meat grinder can do might not be achieved using a hand grinder. First, the electric machine grinders are effortless to use. This characteristic allows you to process or grind a large amount of meat with great comfort. The best models of the type can also grind bones which can be used for the purpose of feeding your pets.

You certainly have no limitations in the quantity of meat that need to be processed. You must be sure about having a sufficient place in your kitchen as this type is known for occupying a large space on your countertop. If you have diverse needs particularly with pasta making and sausage filling, then the variety and the attachments that you can have with this type will be outstanding. Further, the reverse function is one of the top features that you will find in such machines. The reverse function will avoid any machine jamming due to poor or weirdly chopped pieces of meat.

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⇢ Top 2 Best Manual Meat Grinders

There are some fabulous manufacturers who come up with excellent grinding machines. The following is the top 2 products of hand grinders which are still the best choice of many domestic users:

Norpo Meat Grinder, Pasta Maker and Mincer This mincer from Norpo is arguably the best choice for the users in the manual category. There are a lot of users associated with the product which is mainly because of its versatility and quality of features. It is 3 in 1 equipment which has the capability of grinding meat, mincing meat and can also be used for making pasta. The benefit of having fresh pasta from scratch at home is something which is reflected in its taste as well.

There are two screens or plates that come with the equipment. One will provide you with coarse minced meat while the other can provide you with very fine minced meat. Three distinct types of pasta attachments are included which are the rigatoni, linguine and the spaghetti attachment. There is a locking key and a secure suction base involved in order to provide users with enhanced performance. You will also benefit with a sausage funnel blades of stainless steel type which comes with the package. Further, there is not much effort required in using the mincer and the cleaning or maintenance of the equipment is also easily done.

LEM Clamp-on Hand Grinder This one is rated among the heavy duty products which has all it’s built from stainless steel material. This is the product which can serve you flawlessly for decades, without requiring you to do any serious maintenance task. The material will not rust, even if it is left in your kitchen cabinet for years. The product is very easy to assemble and disassemble which in return makes cleaning easier.

The machine will provide you with 2 different blades for mincing which will provide you with the processed meat in fine or coarse form. A stainless steel knife is also included which can be used for chopping the weirdly cut meat pieces into small ones. Apart from this, there are 3 stuffing tubes which will provide you with a great opportunity to prepare fresh sausages. The price is appropriate for the product. If your need doesn’t change with time, then this can be a lifetime product which will never ask for an upgrade. It will work effortlessly for years to come.


The meat grinder with manual hand operation despite all technological advancement is doing well. It is inexpensive, easier to use and maintain and also have a  longer life span. It suits all those people who have limited needs and are looking to use it occasionally. The top 2 products discussed above are top of the line with lots of satisfied customers. You will surely find your best match, after reviewing all the three products discussed above.