How To Clean And Care For Your Meat Grinder

Disassemble the meat grinder

Although the use of a meat grinder is not a complicated process, proper maintenance of this excellent home tool is essential to keep it going and performing at its optimum level.  There are better ways to clean and maintain the meat grinder to prevent rust and make it last for a very long time. If you want to keep your simple machine free from grease and bacteria at all times, the following are some things you need to take note of:

Disassemble the meat grinder before washing

Disassemble the meat grinderWhen you want to clean the meat grinder, the first thing you should do is to disassemble the grinder. You can do this by removing the bolt and wing nut, and then take out the disc. Finally, remove the handle from the housing. This is the most ideal way to get a grinder free of bacteria that may be lurking and hiding in the tight inner recesses of the grinder. After disassembling the grinder, you can start scrubbing. Some grinders may not be fully disassembled. Do not buy such grinder because it may be more difficult to maintain.

Hand Washing, not dishwashing

Dishwasher cleaning is usually not the best option when cleaning the grinder. This can ruin the grinding blade as well as cause etching on its metal parts. Moreover, the heat from the dishwasher can cause the grinder to brittle and crack over time. It is always more ideal to clean the grinder with soap and hot water using mild sponge or delicate brush. You can add 2 cups of vinegar to the water. This will wipe off any grease and kill most germs since vinegar is quite acidic.  When cleaning the blade, you have to be very careful to prevent any injury. After washing, dry each part separately until no trace of water is found. It is important to dry the meat grinder properly to make sure any of the parts does not get rust.

Proper storage is essential

How To Clean And Care For Your Meat GrinderOne problem with storing metals is the likelihood of them getting rusty. To prevent this from happening (even if you are keeping it for a long time), rub or spray a small layer of food grade mineral oil on the metal parts both outside and inside. Store the machine in a dry place where water may not have access to the area. Alternatively, if you have space in the freezer you can skip the oil spraying process and store the machine in the freezer. Storing in the freezer prevents rust and keeps bacteria at bay. You will also be able to use the grinder instantly whenever needed without any other cleaning.

Prevent blunt blades

The blade is one part of the grinder that needs utmost care and attention. A grinder with a dull blade will definitely not grind the meat as properly as you would like. Rather, it smears the meat and spreads it all over the place. When the blades get blunt, sharpen it to maintain a clean and smooth grind.


Proper cleaning, care and maintenance are necessary to keep your meat grinder at an optimum performance. Remember, you spent your hard earned dollars to get this machine to help you produce healthy ground meat. Just like every other appliance, you also have a role to play in ensuring that it maintains its high performance. You should be taking care of its maintenance needs on a regular basis. If you take care of your meat grinder, it will in turn take care of you by providing you healthy ground meat for a good number of years.

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