Commercial Meat Grinder – Things to Considered

Commercial meat grinders

The right commercial meat grinder can help you keep up with the busiest hours of your business. In addition, every meat grinder available today for commercial use is manufactured by some of the industry’s most renowned and trustworthy foodservice vendors. Many of these vendors like Weston, STX INTERNATIONAL, LEM, ARKSEN, Sunmile, MTN Gearsmith, and Rancilio have all spent their time in the industry, working hard to create and innovate products that outstandingly durable and powerful.

Commercial electric meat grinders can make it easier to grind meat in a business setting within no time. Despite their complicated appearance, a majority of the popular models are very easy to use. However, before you invest in a commercial electric meat grinder, it is important that you find out about the basics. [el552dd2f55bd1a  anchor=”Check On Amazon” asin=”B004DE35RY” imgurl=”” imgalt=”Commercial Meat Grinder”]

Electric Meat Grinder Parts

An electric meat grinder is made up of a variety of parts and by familiarizing yourself with these parts, you can easily identify and pinpoint the right model with a high-quality design. This way, you will also be able to better understand how these machines work.


At one point or another, the blades of every electric meat grinder have to be replaced. However, you can get quite a few years of use out of the original blades if you choose a model that is equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades. At times, you may also have to sharpen the blades, but with high-quality blades, you will have to do this less often.


The cover of an electric meat grinder should fit securely since it holds the blade and plate in place, and it should be made out of a durable, strong material.

Hopper or Pusher

Usually, an electric meat grinder only works properly when you push meat into it. In a commercial setting, it can be particularly unhygienic and unsafe to use hands to shove meat, which is the reason these grinders come with hoppers, or pushers. The chamber of a meat grinder contains the blades and a hopper or pusher makes it possible to hygienically and safely guide the meat into it.


Motors are responsible for powering commercial electric meat grinders. The efficiency and speed of grinding of an electric grinder depends on the horsepower of the motor. Most electric meat grinder models are also backed up by motor warranties, in case the motor wears out too soon. For commercial use, it is best to select an electric meat grinder that is equipped with a motor that has a higher HP and comes with a longer motor warranty.


Once the blades have sliced the meat, the electric meat grinder pushes the meat up against a die or plate. The sliced meat then passes through the numerous holes present in the plate. To get the best results in a commercial setting, a grinder with multiple stainless-steel plates is recommended.


In electric meat grinders, the part that forces the meat toward the blade and toward the plates is known as the screw. The screw prevents an electric meat grinder from getting clogged. However, the screw is not a foolproof component. So, before buying an electric meat grinder for commercial use, keep in mind that even the best machines can get clogged and jammed at times.


While the tray is not really a necessary part for household use, an electric meat grinder with a tray can prove to be particularly useful in a commercial setting. Cubes and/or slabs of meat can be conveniently placed in the tray until they are ready to be fed into the grinder. To avoid mishaps in your workplace, select a model that comes with a sturdy tray.

Top Features Of A Commercial Electric Meat Grinder

Durability – The electric meat grinder you select for commercial use should be constructed of high-quality materials. It should at least be equipped with stainless steel blades and plates. While an electric meat grinder made out of a strong metal like stainless steel is recommended, a high-impact plastic grinder should also be fine.

Maintenance – The components of the electric grinder should be removable so you can wash them in a dishwasher. In a commercial setting, you will have to frequently take the grinder apart and thoroughly clean it from time to time, so it should be easy to disassemble.

Multifunction Models – Multifunction electric meat grinders are an even better choice for commercial settings since they can even make pasta and mince other ingredients. If your business actually involves making pasta, then an all-in-one, multifunctional electric meat grinder will be perfect.

Output – When an electric meat grinder has more horsepower, its output also tends to be more efficient. As mentioned, you should select a model that has a lot of horsepower for commercial use, since you will be using it to grind large volumes of meat regularly.

Plates – Once a meat grinder has processed the meat, its coarseness depends on the plates it is equipped with. You can actually decide how coarse you want your processed meat to be when your grinder has multiple plates. Moreover, the machine should have stainless-steel plates. Moreover, there should at least be three plates in the grinder, a 1/2-inch one, a 3/8-inch one and a 1/4-inch one.

Reverse Operation – As mentioned, it is not unusual for meat grinders to get jammed, it even happens with the most well-designed models. There are no cranks in electric meat grinders, so you cannot clear jams simply turning the crank the opposite way. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will have to take the grinder apart every time a jam occurs. You can avoid this by selecting a grinder that features reverse operation.

Sausage Stuffer – If you also want to make sausage in a commercial setting using an electric meat grinder, then it should obviously be equipped with a sausage stuffer too. A sausage stuffer is basically a funnel that makes it easier and simpler to stuff meat that has been ground up into sausage casings.

Size – Make sure you have a proper, sturdy spot in your workplace for the electric meat grinder you intend to buy because these machines tend to be bulky and large. However, some of them can also be more compact and lighter, so choose accordingly.

Versatility – With some electric meat grinders you will merely be able to grind meat, but others even come with attachments that you can use to make bread crumbs, mix dips, shred cheese, etc.


For many of us, grinding meat is a part of business and this requires the use of a high-quality commercial meat grinder. However, with so many models available, all of which come with varying features and functions, deciding which electric meat grinder to buy can be difficult. So, if you need to grind meat on a commercial scale as a part of your business, then keeping all of the above in mind will help you make an informed decision when selecting an electric meat grinder.

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