Replacement Meat Grinder Parts: Plates, Blades,Grinder Attachments…

Meat Grinder Replacement Parts

How much do you know about the parts of a typical KitchenAid meat grinder?

While you might not know much beyond the obvious fact that some of those meat grinder parts are powerful enough to eviscerate meat and you should keep your fingers away from them, knowing about these parts can help you out when it comes to figuring out how to work a meat grinder when handling one meant for home use for the first time.

A fairly typical KitchenAid meat grinder is available in the form of an accessory for more well-known KitchenAid products like the stand mixers.

[el552dd2f55bd1a anchor=”Check On Amazon” asin=”B00BVC0LC8″ imgurl=”” imgalt=”Chef’s Choice 7965001 Premium Metal Food Grinder”]This meat grinder is designed to grind enough meat, cheese or bread crumbs to include in recipes that are meant to feed an average family. Parts include the housing, auger, knife, two plates for choosing between fine grinding and coarse grinding, a securing ring and stomper/wrench. The thing to remember about the KitchenAid meat grinder is that it’s meant to be an accessory and not an industrial meat grinder, so you shouldn’t expect too much out of it, but it works well for its intended purpose of on-the-spot grinding of the exact amount you need for any particular recipe you’re making.

Of course, if you’re the one who typically brings home wild game for the table, you may want something that’s a little more heavy-duty. There are hand-cranked grinders, but those will usually last until you get bored or your arm starts to ache like the dickens from cranking that thing so much. The pro is that it’s not adding to your electric bill; the cons are that you’re not going to crank very much meat at a time and your arm can get worn out just as easily as the moving parts on the grinder can. You could go with an electric meat grinder for home use. You still probably won’t be doing the entire deer at once unless you get an especially good grinder and you want to just get it done and over with in a single day, but it sits on the counter, it can usually handle as much meat as you want to get done at any given time, and you don’t have to crank it.

When you’re looking for a meat grinder, the really important thing to remember is that you want some safety features so fingers won’t get ground up if a kid gets curious and sticks his hand down in it while it’s running. One thing that’s easy to forget is that these things have sharp blades that are designed to grind up meat and things can happen pretty fast.Meat Grinder Parts

Meat grinder parts should be easy to replace because blades do wear out over time even when you’re not using it all that much.

You should also make sure all the expected parts are there and you know how to put them together. Reading the manual is usually a good thing to do. When using your meat grinder, it can help to be aware of what’s going on inside for both safety reasons and better operation of your grinder.

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