Meat Grinder – Troubleshooting Some Basic Issues

The meat grinders have made our lives much easier, healthier and tastier in our kitchens. They provide us with a whole lot of meat recipes and at the same time, they also enhance the hygiene level of the meat. They meat grinders require a lot of input from our side in terms of their maintenance. This thing is particularly true with the electric meat grinders which obviously have many issues.

Our main agenda of discussion here is about different issues which the users can face with the usage of the electric meat grinder. It isn’t feasible to go to a professional electric rider technician all the time. Most of the issues are common and the user can troubleshoot them with ease. The DIY troubleshooting techniques of some common issues will help you save a lot of money for your ongoing maintenance cost of the meat grinder.

Issues with Electric Supply:

In case the meat grinder is not switched on, then you should check the power supply. The majority of the electric meat grinders available today in the market could be plugged up into the wall. However, there are a few versions of such machines that deploy a rechargeable battery pack. If your machine comes with a rechargeable battery pack, then you must check if the battery is charged fully or not. It can be simply done by purchasing a supplementary battery pack for the electric machine. Check the cord and confirm that the cord is not damaged, after plugging it into the wall. Apart from this, you must also check the outlet with which you have connected it to.

Grinder Heads problems and its solution:

The grinder heads in an electric meat grinder hold a pivotal position. They actually rotate and push the meat down to the blades. If the grinder head is loosened or it isn’t securely attached with the system, then the quality or the texture of the grounded meat wouldn’t be consistent or even. For the purpose of rectification of this issue, you need to remove the battery. Expose the grinder head by opening the unit. Make sure that the head is securely attached with the unit. You can ensure this by feeling the resistance by simply pressing down the grinder head firmly. If you couldn’t feel the resistance, then it means the grinder head is not tightly attached. Look out for the pins which hold the unit. Remove them and insert them again until the grinder head is fully tight.

Issue with the Grinder Teeth:

The grinder teeth are important to maintain the integrity of the meat. But, they are known to wear down with their quality with the passage of time and usage. If the grinder teeth are not sharp then the users will find it hard to use the machine for grinding anything. In order to ensure the integrity of the grinder teeth, first you need to disconnect the unit from the power supply.

After that, remove the casing of the grinder. The grinder teeth hold its place with just a few screws and removing them is not much of an issue. Inspect the teeth of the grinder for quality after removing the screws. The grinder teeth can be replaced and you can purchase them easily at many of the restaurant supply stores. Another good idea is to order the grinder teeth straight from the manufacturer of the electric meat grinder.

Experiencing too much friction:

A very common issue with the electric meat grinder is that the users complain about experiencing a lot of friction from the machine, while the machine is grinding. There can be numerous reasons for the triggering of such issues.

The first thing to notice here is that, the unfrozen meat can be messy and can lead to a whole lot of issues. In order to eliminate the friction, you can pop up the unfrozen meat in the freezer for about 30miutes before you can grind it. Friction related issue can also arise if you are using it with cartilage and tendons in place. Make sure that you inspect the meat very well and then use it for grinding.

If the Meat is too dry:

A very common issue while grinding meat is that the meat can easily dry out. This is usually experienced by the users when they are using the machine for the first time for grinding purposes. This thing can be avoided easily by adding oil or natural fat into the meat. The majority of the experienced users first roll the meat in some natural fat or oil, before grinding it in the meat grinder.

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